The aged, fattened beef sorbassada was more for fun than an experiment. But when we finished, we were surprised to find what is perhaps one of Txogitxu’s best products. We highly encourage you to give it a taste. It’s incredible.

This was a joke. A table bet we placed with our friends from Majorca.

And we got the ball rolling.

We made the mincemeat, instead of with pork, with beef from our old cows. Of course, we added a touch of our espelette pepper.

We hung it up. And we waited two months.

We sat at the same table again, me, not without a degree of fear of being the laughing stock of my friends.

Well, then.

We started to taste it, with bread, a knife and Majorcan wine, and suddenly everybody fell silent.

Then just one word, only one, wow!

And there was another silence while we continued tasting, and I must confess tears came to my eyes.

I am convinced that it is one of the most amazing products of Spanish cuisine I have ever tasted.

An orchestra of flavour contrasts on the palate. And almost eternal.

I am not going to reveal any more.