It really reassures me how our beloved leaders, economical and multinational, with a dedicated service of politicians and press at their feet, keep telling us every day the paths our lives, our habits and, above all, our fears should take.

I don’t know if meat, cold cuts and their preservatives, anguish, additives, the utter ignorance, the lack of willingness to think like an individual, refined oil, heartbreak … cause cancer.

But a while ago I became sceptical, sceptical of life, sceptical of headlines filling us with fear.
What on earth do they want now?

I let myself be carried away by intuition, faster than the speed of sound. And nothing is going to make me live in fear, not a plate of ham, a fine txuleta, a great wine, nor a good screw.

I have worked on farms for many years and, observing the lambs, it astonishes me to see how in their brief lives they only mess up once,
… When they go to the abattoir.
The butcher, Imanol Jaka