Human nature can be entertaining.
Sometimes, it can be interesting; always derailed by our emotions, from love to hate, moving on to much stronger ones like greed.

But let’s focus on our affairs. We, butchers, self-conscious anthropological/social specimens.

Butchers used to earn a lot of money. But nowadays, not so much. But they always hoped to receive recognition, like doctors, lawyers and even pilots. Those professionals, although they are not, by a long shot, champions of culture in general, have two things the nouveau riche butcher yearns for: social recognition and formal education.

A nouveau riche without formal education, not to mention culture, is a very strong word for this post; they are usually audacious and kitsch.

Yes, audacious. Let´s move on and focus on our affairs.

It’s not that I don’t understand, although at times it’s hard, because getting a ticking off from the press for calling a cow an ox, as though the market were drugged up, which in fact it is.

But let’s focus on us. Those deceptive, rogue, easy-money initiatives, and we already know about the strategic plans for easy money, of the audacious, kitsch and poorly educated.

More about us.

Now, there is more fun and games: the breeds. Simmental, Pyrenean, Friesian and Rubia Gallega, among others. I, being kitsch, barely educated and a butcher, am going to use my audacity to vehemently express to the drugged up members of the public, the lack of rigour, shame, seriousness, and honesty with which we are poisoned once more, because it’s all lies.

Yet again.

I’m so glad to have got that off my chest!

Ondo lo in.

Imanol Jaka
The Basque Butcher