We couldn´t miss out on one of the most emblematic products in Basque grills and barbecues: cod.

We have a code that is salt-cured for 18 months. An extremely high-quality cod, with different cuts, such as the chunk, for fried cod, the kokotxa, to make cod with pilpil, shredded cod, to make omelette, the gut to fry in many different ways, and the star product of all our grills: the entire loin, to fry or grill.


Fried cod, grilled cod, cod tripe and cod omelette…

Desalted cod is a first-class gastronomic product and the foundation of the gastronomic offer of our cider houses.

Fried with pepper, grilled or in omelette. And if you want to try cod omelette, I recommend a visit in season to the Zapiain Sagardotegia.

The secret behind the quality of Txogitxu cod is the fish selection and 7 months of salt curing.

Take note of the video on frying and surprise your customers with a dish that adds character to any restaurant.