At Txogitxu, we have a product to fall in love with: our croquettes. And we get started with our thing: croquettes made from aged, fattened cows, an incredible product. A homemade recipe designed and manufactured by us.

We were so surprised by the product that we launched the two most typical lines in the Basque Country: cod croquettes, spectacular. And ham croquettes. I encourage you to try them.

You know how to do it: croquettes should always be in 200ºC oil and coated in ecological extra-virgin olive oil.

Who has ever heard someone say…

Let’s go to such and such a place, they do great croquettes…

Croquettes, when they are good, and a great deal of work and pampering is needed to achieve this, take us back to our childhoods. To Grandma’s cooking….

We strive to make almost perfect croquettes. Cod croquettes that excite us, ham croquettes, which are a classic, and of course in Txogitxu the old cow or txuleton croquette, surprising and delicious with espelette pepper.

We are satisfied with the feedback from customers who are already using them and pleased to be able to help them avoid long, tedious work in their kitchens.