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Txogitxu on German TV channel DMAX

Txogitxu is once again the star of prime time TV in Germany. Brian Bojsen has invited Imanol Jaka to be a guest on his programme to show Germany the best of Basque gastronomical culture. A wonderful experience we would love to share with you!

A programme not to be missed!

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Autumn for the cows

Autumn is nearing and, with it, the brutal logic of the cycles.

Unless summer drags on, yes, autumn is nearing.

The cows in Europe will soon move from the meadows, grazing on grass, to sheds to shelter from the cold and the bad weather.

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Oxtail, cheek, confit…

The aged, fattened beef cheek keeps the gelatine, with a spectacular flavour. You know how to do it: frozen, candied beforehand, a product when there´s no in-house chef. Half-hour in the oven.

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Fried cod, grilled cod, cod tripe and cod omelette

We couldn´t miss out on one of the most emblematic products in Basque grills and barbecues: cod.

We have a code that is salt-cured for 18 months. An extremely high-quality cod, with different cuts, such as the chunk, for fried cod, the kokotxa, to make cod with pilpil, shredded cod, to make omelette, the gut to fry in many different ways, and the star product of all our grills: the entire loin, to fry or grill.

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Knuckle in confit

Another Txogitxu product, candied and frozen. Easy-to-make: the shank, you stand it up and share it on a tray.

You know what to do: defrost and half-hour in the oven at 200ºC. Deglaze the sauce inside and put it on top.

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Croquettes made from the beef of old cows, cod and ham

At Txogitxu, we have a product to fall in love with: our croquettes. And we get started with our thing: croquettes made from aged, fattened cows, an incredible product. A homemade recipe designed and manufactured by us.

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Sobrasada from old cow

The aged, fattened beef sorbassada was more for fun than an experiment. But when we finished, we were surprised to find what is perhaps one of Txogitxu’s best products. We highly encourage you to give it a taste. It’s incredible.

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Pork and beef txistorra sausage

Although txistorra is a product made with pork in the Basque Country, we couldn´t resist the temptation of making txistorra with aged, fattened beef. The product is interesting, it´s worth it.

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Frankfurter and Bratwurst from the beef of old cows.

Another striking, interesting product: a quality frankfurter. besides being a quality frankfurter, it is made with aged beef, lightl seasoned with Espelette pepper. Its worth giving a try.

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Burger from the beef of old cows

The Txogitxu frozen hamburger. We have several weights: from 55 g to 230 g. It is made from aged beef as well, with no additives. An incredible product.

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