Quality Guarantee


Our clients want the crème de la crème of red meats. We find it and take it to them, guaranteeing excellent quality in all our cuts and at the best price on the market.

At Txogitxu we have a large portfolio of loyal clients throughout Spain, including eateries serving haute cuisine, grill houses, cider houses and even Juan Mari Arzak himself.

Our Added Value

At Txogitxu the overriding idea is “quality first and foremost”. That’s why we sell the finest red meat.

Txogitxu offers advice to the HORECA sector. We redefine the concept of the meat for your company & we train your team.

``We're different``

“When I’ve been in Lafayette, at Pierre Gagnaire’s kitchen in Paris, or at the Sketch in London, temples of world gastronomy, I’ve been accepted as a product and as a person, because I give out a message of honesty, and I understand the particularity and the value that we have in the Basque Country as regards the culture of meat, something you won’t find anywhere else in the world”.