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Open letter by Imanol Jaca in response to the UN news bulletin:
“World alert: The world is in imminent danger due to cow farts”

Carta abierta de Imanol Jaca en respuesta a la noticia de la ONU “Alerta planetaria: El mundo en riesgo inminente por los pedos que echan las vacas”

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New Txogitxu tastes to die for

Now that we feel inspired.

Adorable, hardworking, sensitive and seducible, now let’s start developing the best part of our dark side.
The good one!!!

We already have the new dishes that, once and for all, are to die for.

Croquettes, cod, cow and ham.

Oxtail and beef cheek confit.

Frankfurters and bratwursts from the beef of old cows.

Galactic hamburgers,

Brilliant beef sobrasada, sensation-producing beef belly,


and some other things.

If you have any doubts or you are seeking thrills, call me and I will explain more. 607944696.

on egin!!!

Imanol Jaka

The Basque Butcher

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[Imanol Jaka’s corner]: What on earth do they want now?

It really reassures me how our beloved leaders, economical and multinational, with a dedicated service of politicians and press at their feet, keep telling us every day the paths our lives, our habits and, above all, our fears should take.

I don’t know if meat, cold cuts and their preservatives, anguish, additives, the utter ignorance, the lack of willingness to think like an individual, refined oil, heartbreak … cause cancer.

But a while ago I became sceptical, sceptical of life, sceptical of headlines filling us with fear.
What on earth do they want now?

I let myself be carried away by intuition, faster than the speed of sound. And nothing is going to make me live in fear, not a plate of ham, a fine txuleta, a great wine, nor a good screw.

I have worked on farms for many years and, observing the lambs, it astonishes me to see how in their brief lives they only mess up once,
… When they go to the abattoir.
The butcher, Imanol Jaka

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[Imanol Jaka’s corner]: More fun and games: the breeds

Human nature can be entertaining. Sometimes, it can be interesting; always derailed by our emotions, from love to hate, moving on to much stronger ones like greed.

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The txuleton, flagship of the Basque gastronomic culture

A reflection to bust some myths. Basque restaurants, after decades perfecting the txuleton, sharing their experience and the love for good food, have ended up with a unique product. The fat old cow roasted on the grill.

Gastronomic products that have developed over time and born from the need of our ancestors and their close attachment to the land, far removed from the technological life we have to live and the accompanying attention deficit we suffer.

We, the Basques, have developed two techniques, both are vital and each one is responsible for 50% of the final quality of the dish.

One, selection. The animal is selected according to its age. We can see from the amount of fat and its texture the quality of life and the varied diet it has enjoyed.

Two, the roasting technique, which I will show you myself using a simple grill.

………And three, I’m going to ask you a favour, try it out and follow the instructions carefully. This recipe is not mine, but it belongs to a nation of people who anthropologically consider eating well to be an essential part of their lives.

On egin.

Imanol Jaka
The basque butcher

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Mirad que cuentan de nosotros…

Txogitxu. Uno de los principales proveedores mundiales de carne madura, apodada por muchos como “la mejor carne del mundo”.

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Lufthansa, la principal compañía aérea alemana, recoge en su revista que ofrece en sus aviones, el esfuerzo y la pasión de Imanol Jaca y de todo el equipo de Txogitxu por transmitir la cultura del txuletón vasco.

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Estamos de Enhorabuena, Nos han dado un nuevo premio!!

Txogitxu ha sido galardonada con una estrella en los ¨Great Taste Adwards ¨ en Londres, conocidos como los Óscar de la alimentación

Han premiado a nuestras hamburguesas congeladas elaboradas con nuestras vacas gallegas y sin aditivos!! Productazo!!!!

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La cultura vasca de la carne

La cultura vasca de la carne es única. Más de cien años de experiencia seleccionando y asando vacas viejas y gordas, dan como resultado lo que hoy es considerado uno de los mejores platos del mundo.

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“El chuletón es un producto del País Vasco, pero en general la carne está de moda en occidente”, afirma Imanol Jaca, propietario de Txogitxu

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