Autumn is nearing and, with it, the brutal logic of the cycles.

Unless summer drags on, yes, autumn is nearing.

The cows in Europe will soon move from the meadows, grazing on grass, to sheds to shelter from the cold and the bad weather.

It will be less common to see them gazing at us when we go past in our cars.

The farmers’ crop work will also come to an end.

Do you think that I am telling a story about the Little House in the Prairie or that I have takena U-turn? Well, no.

What I have told you radically changes our everyday routines.

In summer, it doesn’t cost famers anything to keep the cows in the fields. What’s more, they lose weight as they hardly eat grains.

In addition, farmers are very busy harvesting and selling corn.

The outcome? Fewer cows in the slaughterhouse and a huge difficulty in getting the weekly meat selection we need.

Well, quieter times are coming.

That’s it, basically.